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Yosuga no Sora OP – Hiyoku no Hane

Download: MU | MF | Torrent

I’m not quite sure how, or even why I ended up doing this, but here it is: the Yosuga no Sora OP single in FLAC.

Oh, and in case the MediaFire download doesn’t extract properly/gives a corruption error, I’ve added a 10% recovery record to the archive.


Trigger: !yosugaop

XDCC Pack: 1498 on NagisaFurukawa

– Lazi


Yosuga no Sora – 03

HD: Torrent | MU

SD: Torrent | MU

Late release was late…Yosuga 04 will come shortly.

Shiki – 12

HD:Torrent | MU
SD: Torrent | MU

Late release is late due to Hats having irl issues. >.>

Enjoy apparent new op/ed.

HD: #1567 on NagisaFurukawa
SD: #1568 on NagisaFurukawa

Remember to vote in the poll~ We are making a softsub-safe version of the karaoke, so we might put it to use if it looks good. I’m all for it.

We need your opinions

Shiki 12 is just about done. So we got ourselves a new typesetter for the show and she’s doing the new OP/ED. Now, as you guys know with our previous releases, we’ve always kept it as full softsub. However, just for this episode, we have hardsubbed karaoke effects. Personally, I’d prefer to keep stuff as full softsub since it makes it easier to v2; a simple patch and leechers don’t have to completely redownload the file. And so, I’ll leave it as a poll: Vote in the poll and we’ll change (or not, depending on the results) for 13 on.

Click here to go to the poll

Note that this’ll lead to us possibly redo-ing the first 11 episodes too for consistency.

So basically, tl;dr: Do you want full softsub, or OP/ED hardsubbed and everything else softsubbed?

EDIT: For reference, here are the OP and ED with effects (split from the actual episode so it’s kinda off for technical reasons, but you’ll get the idea): OP ED If you change your mind after seeing them, just clear your cookies and re-vote. Oh and credits are there because Asinankurus insisted; I’m thinking of leaving them softsubbed, but we’ll see.

Recruiting specific typesetter

  1. Experienced in ASS tag full softsubbing
  2. Self-motivated, able to produce high-quality work under stressful conditions and little time.
  3. Available almost all the god damn time. Preferable able to work around GMT+0
  4. Able to use IRC

Contact me or any other OP on the channel or by email and I will get back to you.



Shiki : Taken by blah1234, but another person has also come in to help with k-tming and other good shiz.

Yosuga no Sora

Hyakka Ryouran


Yosuga no Sora – 02

Hey everyone, Lazi here with the release post for Yosuga 02!  Originally, Phyco was supposed to take care of this, but issues came up with hisniggerbusylife work.

So, we had a new member time this episode for us; he did a pretty decent job too.  Phyco updated the staff list with the new members, as well as the staff posts for each of the series. We could have gotten this out earlier, but the way our translator decided to translate was like lolwut.  Regardless, at least the episode is finally out!  Expect a batch for Hyakka ep 1-2; Phyco gave up on waiting for AT-X. Apparently it’s shitter than all of the channels it airs on, so we’re going with Tokyo-MX.

Enjoy the release!

– Lazi

HD: Torrent | MU
SD: Torrent | MU

HD:1554# on NagisaFurukawa
SD: 1555# on NagisaFurukawa

Phyco Edit: Proper hyakka 01 and 2 is coming shortly. The pre-air was terrible and could be done way better.

Recruiting notice

So today I was talking to Akarui_Ame and she was telling me:

明るい雨 says (00:11):
*I wish we had a bigger fansub team D:
then we could have like someone else to time it while we sleep

Of course, there’s no way that I can deny a lady’s request. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

So on that note I’ll be recruiting people to fill every single position possible. Personally, I live in GMT+0 while Ame is situated in GMT+1. Because of this we work very closely together in time zones; I am then forced to time and work at unreasonable times. So I am therefore looking for niggers people to time, and typeset for us while we sleep or do better things. Here is the full list.

  • Timer : Needs to have experience here and time a script in under 2 hours. Typesetting skills would be a nice addition here.
  • Typesetter: If for some reason you can’t time but can do epic typesetting, we want you.
  • Translator: I really need someone who can TL in about 2 hours. Would help loads.
  • Translation Checker: It’s the one thing we don’t have. And FUNi/Crunchy aren’t going to be doing every show, you know ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
  • Editor: Most of mine are busy fapping all day, more help is appreciated.

Overall it would be best if you could work around our timezones to make things work smoothly.