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indefinite hold

Alternate title: Serious Business Part 2

Hey guys, Hats here.

Our fabulous group leader/timer/encoder, Phycoforce, is experiencing severe and possibly traumatic life problems right now. ETA to normalcy is unknown.

Therefore, all Okawari releases are on indefinite hold while he gets his life together. That is, unless a decent group is willing to do joint(s) with us.

In the meantime, go with umee (or if you can wait, Taka) for Shiki, and Ryuumaru-UTW or Nuke for Yosuga no Sora.


Shiki – 14

Shiki, LLC. IPO will be announced in the upcoming episodes.

HD: Torrent | MU
SD: Torrent | MU

So uh, late, etc. Guess we’ll be 2 weeks or more late from now on until the end. And we still need a capper or someone who can provide transport streams for 16+. If not, guess we will have to end up using pre-encoded raws.

Shiki 15 @ Time/Edit so if we’re lucky, we can get this out in a few days.

Serious business

Need a god damn capper. After this incident at ElitistFags we can not do anything without one. No I wont be using shitty raws from Share. Why you my ask? Sure I’ll tell you ~

Who wants to use shitty encoded raws that have had shitty presets put onto them…Not me… I want to have my transport streams.

Well either way contact me on the email address or talk to a OP on our IRC channel


Shiki – 13

HD: Torrent | MU
SD: Torrent | MU

Here shiki 13…now back to work.

Blah edit: ETA of Shiki 14 is Tuesday November 16.

Right, updates

So uh, as you can see, we’ve been kinda dead lately. The only project’s that been going at a decent pace so far is Yosuga. I know a lot of people probably don’t care about us, but for those that do, I’d first like to thank you for your support. And now, onto the status of the stuff we’re doing:

  • Shiki – Ame’s recently had a lot of stuff going on, so translation’s been delayed a few days. Also, Hats and I have been really busy with school and the like. 13 is just about done; just needs Hats to QC. Hopefully, we can get 14 out soon, but no guarantees. I can’t say that we’ll be releasing as regularly as we have in the past, but we are going to get this done.
  • Hyakka Ryouran – Dropped. Considering how behind we are, I see no point in continuing. We might release the 2 episodes we’ve done to not waste the :effort: put into them, but that’s about it. Go follow Ryuumaru or something.
  • Yosuga no Sora – I said that this was progressing smoothly before, but since Ame’s translating this too, it’s going to get delayed a bit from now on probably.

Yosuga no Sora – 05

HD: Torrent | MU
SD: Torrent | MU

Don’t know what to say…Loads of stuff going on in my life…Shiki 13 will come eventually.

Yosuga no Sora – 04

HD: Torrent | MU
SD: Torrent | MU

Stalled at editing ~ Also applied translation fixes for the OP and Insert song; will apply it to the other episodes in a v2 for the batch script. Episode 05 will come later today if all goes well at my end.