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Just to let you know

I’m back and ready to sub shit. So basically we’ll be doing a joint with #deep on:

  1. Infinite Stratos (TV)
  2. Puella Magi Madoka ★ Magica (TV)

We’ll also finish off Shiki and Yosuga eventually.


Blah edit: Apparently we’re not doing Madoka anymore.


Serious business

Need a god damn capper. After this incident at ElitistFags we can not do anything without one. No I wont be using shitty raws from Share. Why you my ask? Sure I’ll tell you ~

Who wants to use shitty encoded raws that have had shitty presets put onto them…Not me… I want to have my transport streams.

Well either way contact me on the email address or talk to a OP on our IRC channel


Shiki – 13

HD: Torrent | MU
SD: Torrent | MU

Here shiki 13…now back to work.

Blah edit: ETA of Shiki 14 is Tuesday November 16.

Yosuga no Sora – 05

HD: Torrent | MU
SD: Torrent | MU

Don’t know what to say…Loads of stuff going on in my life…Shiki 13 will come eventually.

Yosuga no Sora – 04

HD: Torrent | MU
SD: Torrent | MU

Stalled at editing ~ Also applied translation fixes for the OP and Insert song; will apply it to the other episodes in a v2 for the batch script. Episode 05 will come later today if all goes well at my end.

Yosuga no Sora – 03

HD: Torrent | MU

SD: Torrent | MU

Late release was late…Yosuga 04 will come shortly.

Shiki – 12

HD:Torrent | MU
SD: Torrent | MU

Late release is late due to Hats having irl issues. >.>

Enjoy apparent new op/ed.

HD: #1567 on NagisaFurukawa
SD: #1568 on NagisaFurukawa

Remember to vote in the poll~ We are making a softsub-safe version of the karaoke, so we might put it to use if it looks good. I’m all for it.