Shiki – 14

Shiki, LLC. IPO will be announced in the upcoming episodes.

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So uh, late, etc. Guess we’ll be 2 weeks or more late from now on until the end. And we still need a capper or someone who can provide transport streams for 16+. If not, guess we will have to end up using pre-encoded raws.

Shiki 15 @ Time/Edit so if we’re lucky, we can get this out in a few days.


Shiki – 13

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Here shiki 13…now back to work.

Blah edit: ETA of Shiki 14 is Tuesday November 16.

Shiki – 12

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Late release is late due to Hats having irl issues. >.>

Enjoy apparent new op/ed.

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Remember to vote in the poll~ We are making a softsub-safe version of the karaoke, so we might put it to use if it looks good. I’m all for it.

Shiki 11

We be stylin

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Oh yay we’re halfway done the series. \o/ If you guys didn’t already know, Shiki’s on hiatus for three weeks, so see you then~

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Shiki 10

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Holy crap we’re on a roll \o/
Saturday is the limit for speed, though. Enjoy your earlier-than-usual release.

┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

Blah edit: I apologize in advance for the crappy typesetting on the family register. If I made all of them change font size at the same time, it’d lag everyone’s computer, so only the important one actually changes font size. The others just move around. Well, you’ll see what I mean when you get there. It’s at least better than having a wall-of-text note at the top.

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Shiki 09

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Our fastest release of Shiki yet. \o/ But don’t expect it to be this fast from now on; school starts in a few days so we’ll all be fairly busy. We still hope to release before the next episode airs though.

OP/ED updated with official lyrics (finally).

Oh and random note if you didn’t already know: Shiki literally means “corpse demon”. It’s left untranslated in this episode because it’s the title of the novel. It was, however, translated in episode 3 where Seishin is shown writing part of the novel.

XDCC later (when Phyco gets back tomorrow).

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Hats edit: Because Blah decided to not use my awesomeface screen, I’ll just leave it here as a link.

Shiki 08

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Long story short, delays due to Phyco being afk all the time and my internet screwing up (and it’s still screwy :/).

Just a little note about the quotation marks on Shizuka’s lines: They were in the closed captions so I figured that I might as well just throw them in there. If they do turn out to be pointless by the end of the series, I’ll remove them when we v2 stuff for the batch.

Kanji removed; caused more problems than it did any good.

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