Yosuga no Sora

Yosuga no Sora – 05

HD: Torrent | MU
SD: Torrent | MU

Don’t know what to say…Loads of stuff going on in my life…Shiki 13 will come eventually.


Yosuga no Sora – 04

HD: Torrent | MU
SD: Torrent | MU

Stalled at editing ~ Also applied translation fixes for the OP and Insert song; will apply it to the other episodes in a v2 for the batch script. Episode 05 will come later today if all goes well at my end.

Yosuga no Sora OP – Hiyoku no Hane

Download: MU | MF | Torrent

I’m not quite sure how, or even why I ended up doing this, but here it is: the Yosuga no Sora OP single in FLAC.

Oh, and in case the MediaFire download doesn’t extract properly/gives a corruption error, I’ve added a 10% recovery record to the archive.


Trigger: !yosugaop

XDCC Pack: 1498 on NagisaFurukawa

– Lazi

Yosuga no Sora – 03

HD: Torrent | MU

SD: Torrent | MU

Late release was late…Yosuga 04 will come shortly.

Yosuga no Sora – 02

Hey everyone, Lazi here with the release post for Yosuga 02!  Originally, Phyco was supposed to take care of this, but issues came up with hisniggerbusylife work.

So, we had a new member time this episode for us; he did a pretty decent job too.  Phyco updated the staff list with the new members, as well as the staff posts for each of the series. We could have gotten this out earlier, but the way our translator decided to translate was like lolwut.  Regardless, at least the episode is finally out!  Expect a batch for Hyakka ep 1-2; Phyco gave up on waiting for AT-X. Apparently it’s shitter than all of the channels it airs on, so we’re going with Tokyo-MX.

Enjoy the release!

– Lazi

HD: Torrent | MU
SD: Torrent | MU

HD:1554# on NagisaFurukawa
SD: 1555# on NagisaFurukawa

Phyco Edit: Proper hyakka 01 and 2 is coming shortly. The pre-air was terrible and could be done way better.

Yosuga no Sora – 01

All right, I know I said we wouldn’t do this, but certain circumstances called for it.

Here is what happened:

So the Yosuga no Sora raw came out and just for the sake of it I went to go watch it. Only to find that it was totally epic and I loved it to bits. By this time, my translator (Akarui Ame) also wanted to translate this, and so in return I accepted and we went on our two man… uh, person job.

Now by this time everything was all right and we had the raw and everything. We even had a TL finished in the exact same day. We could have released on the same day if it weren’t for reasons… You see all of my Editors had refused to Edit this. I would say Blah refused as he hates incest though he secretly faps to porn, Hats was to busy pretending to work, mbamg was MIA and Shampoo doesn’t want to edit anything he is watching (which is perfectly acceptable). So this went on for about a couple of days, me just doing a QC of whatever I had; nothing that interesting. Then out of nowhere appears Nored, using his almighty dodging school work skills, he did a decent edit on this release. I am pleased with this, though you may find errors here and there; if there are enough we will probably bring out a V2 and live up to our name.

On that note I would like any willing editors to come forward and help us with this project ~

Now for the status on Hyakka Ryouran.

We have all the current raws out for this anime and we already have the script ready. However I would like to personally wait for AT-X to compare the raw quality with these. Yes I know AT-X is pure shit, but uncensored nipples seems worth it to me. You know you agree too right? We’ll get back to you on the raw we will be using.

You may have also noticed that our apparent other website has gone down. Well for REASONS it went down; lucky us we didn’t do much on there yet.

Either way here are our releases.

HD: Torrent | MU
SD: Torrent | MU

HD:#1539 on NagisaFurukawa
SD: #1540 on NagisaFurukawa

Enjoy your twincest ~

Blah edit: wtf I didn’t refuse because I don’t like incest (I’m watching this too). I refused since I’m a) busy and b) I don’t want to do more crap. Also, go back to school; your English sucks. Grammar/spelling fixed up to have some sort of standard.

Hats edit: gtfo. I was up to 6AM this morning doing a politiks assignment, I think that’s a pretty legit excuse (given the choice between a 95 on an assignment and releasing Yosuga without engrish, I would choose the former). Also, basic editing done on the post; I can’t fathom your strange britfag english, so I won’t make any significant changes.

Also, staff:
Translator: Akarui Ame
Timing: Phycoforce
Editor: Nored
Typeset: Phycoforce
Styles: Blah/Phycoforce
QC: Phycoforce
Encoder: Phycoforce
Distro: Laziderous


Phyco Edit: Fuck you guys, I speak as shit as I want. By the way expect a v2 soon I want to fix some stuff here and there.